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The benifets of Holiday Camps and After School Clubs

This Article was written for the wonderful Cherub Magazine, please check out their latest issue here:

After a crazy day of fun and games, 3.30pm has yet again come around too quickly. Adults are eagerly waiting at the door to see their little ones and hear all about their day at ‘camp’.

“Harry!” we call, waiting for the shy boy to appear, who was dropped off this morning, hidden behind his mother’s leg.

However, instead we see a young boy bounding over with a huge smile and big rosy cheeks rewarded by the day’s events. “Mum, I had the best day ever!” He shouted. The lady looks at us with pure happiness. “Thank you so much” She said, as she cuddled him out the door.

These small moments are the gems we look out for at our holiday camps. We have parents looking for something for the kids to do, and often wonder if summer camp is the right choice. Isn’t it just glorified babysitting? Will they just run around all day? Will they even learn anything?

Everyone will have their opinions, but having run our camps for nearly 2 years this is our theory:

It’s a special type of community where kids come together to have fun in a safe environment. Children gain and build on their self-confidence as they learn a new variety of skills. May that be social, communication or conflict resolution!

Although every camp is different, you will find the same set of skills that your child will develop whilst being there.


The children of this generation spend so much time these days (especially in the UK) inside and sitting down. Camps provide an amazing opportunity to GET MOVING! Playing different games, investigating the outdoors, making up adventures, or even talent shows! Camps provide the right facilities for the children to enhance their body movement. Having all this choice of ‘exercise’ gives the child a chance to discover exactly what they enjoy doing.


Camps are known for helping children build self-confidence and their self-esteem. By removing the academic and fairly strict structure you see in schools today, and having a relaxed and entertainment-filled day is a ground-breaking way for children to boost themselves without the worry or concern of getting something wrong. There are many ways children can succeed at camps, even by having a chance to try something new! That in itself is an accomplishment. Having leaders that encourage them throughout set-backs of ‘I don’t think I can do that’ gives them a safe space. It helps conquer fears!


These days, children under the age of 10 have never lived without the ‘new age technology.’ Having a break from phones and the internet, children discover the power of their own imagination and engage in the real world. Even

as simple as having a conversation with another child, being involved in real activities and can see there is fun when real things are happening in front of them!


Camp is the place other than school where they have a chance to develop true friendships and meet people from different backgrounds. Keeping the ‘fun factor’ at camp eases friendships and brings everyone together. It’s a great way to help them develop social and communication skills, through the art of having fun. Genius, we know.

We hope this small insight into termly camps helps make the summer a little easier!

If you wanted to book your child into our camps then email us:

Love and Fairy Dust


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