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Keeping the kids busy at Christmas!


Christmas is only 11 days away! It's the magical day of present giving, food eating, sparkle throwing, and... bored children.

HAVE NO FEAR! The Fairies are here with your Survival guide to keeping the kiddies nice and busy throughout the day while you slave away in the Christmas kitchen.


You have bought them the most amazing gift, their eyes gleam with joy and happiness. But then your eyes latch onto that dreaded label:


Make sure you check your pressies before wrapping. It seems obvious, but in the Christmas rush we all forget. Your welcome.

2. Christmas Cookie Decorating

Normally we try and keep nice and healthy (except our parties which are always full of sweeties!) but this is such a fun way to keep them entertained while you need 30 minutes to yourself.

Set up a small table (with a table cloth you can just chuck away) with some paper plates, plain biscuits, icing and lots of fun sparkly edible decorations.

It's their way to help with the 'cooking' without disturbing you, and is a great way to keep them sat down and having fun FUN FUN!

3. IPADS at the ready.

Pre set your Ipad or Tablet full of child-friendly festive cheer. Movies, songs, Christmas games. It not only keeps them quite for a little while, but it gets them in the spirit!

Cop-out, maybe. Does it work? YOU BET!


Christmas is a time where they see their cousins, siblings, and younger family friends. Encourage that they organise something fun to show everyone after dinner.

It could be a play, a dance, or even a talent show!

It's a great way to get their confidence boosted, stops them running round riot, and is also lovely for everyone to watch and create amazing memories.

5. Nap Time

This might be tricky, seen as they are going to be the most excited you have ever seen them and the LAST THING they will want to do is N.A.P.

But, get them all cosy on the sofa, dim the lights, with their favourite blanket, teddy, and even yourself... and TRICK them into the land of Nod.

It will give them lots of energy for later on, and give you a minute to soak in that Christmassy feeling.

We wish you all the most magical Christmas, and happy New Year.

Love and Fairy Dust,

The Neverland Fairies xxx

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